What if I want to pick up my order directly and avoid shipping charges?

1. You can contact us directly to place your order,

2. You can order online and use the discount code: LOCAL to not be charged shipping, OR

3. If you are in Ontario, Canada you will have the shipping option called IN PERSON / PICK UP so you can simply check this option.

Please let us know by phone or email when you would like to pick up your order so we can make the arrangements with you.


Will you customize aprons for my company, product or event?

We love customizing and are happy to work with you to create an image just for you.  You can check out our blog to see an example of one we did for a winery.  Simply drop us a line and we can talk about it!  So easy!


What if I don't see my favorite recipe here?

We are always happy to hear your ideas for flavorful favorite recipes from any country.  Please email us if you feel inspired!


Can you do the wrapping if I'm sending this directly to someone as a gift?

Absolutely!  We love wrapping stuff.  Just let us know any details - birthday, special event etc that will help us pick the right wrapping. No charge!