About Us

This is not your Grandma's apron...

…don’t get me wrong, Grandma’s apron meant everything to me.

It was a symbol of a beautiful meal cooked with love (and many a dessert) and of family gatherings (a good thing at Grandma’s). But let’s face it, times have changed (just a bit…) and there are new things to inspire us to cook these days.

My inspirations come from embracing the world of food bloggers, my giant stack of recipe books and trying to get my almost-teenage son to eat somewhat healthy dinners.

I have the added bonus of a husband who loves to cook and learned everything he knows from his Mom. (He picks out the best vegetables at the market). His inspiration comes from the binder of hand-typed recipes his Mom put together, and his Quebec / Italian background which provides endless and delicious dinner options!

As a studio photographer, I have also always loved the look of food – the palette of colours of the fruits and vegetables that feed us and the herbs and spices that bring the zing! At the studio, my aim is to capture some of our inspirations for cooking and share them with you while you jazz it up in your own kitchens!

So turn up the music, put on your apron and get out your recipe books (or just open the fridge). It’s time to put it all together!


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