Beautiful Broccoli

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph behind the scenes of a restaurant with a beautifully run kitchen and with food just as amazing! That night, they were serving up an elegant Italian feast.  The chef is a big fan and supporter of local foods so of course that was included in the meal I was photographing.

 © 2015 Shawna Eberle

This was my introduction to Romanesco broccoli and maybe it was the way they cooked it - most likely - but... wow! delicious!  And it looks great! So Romanesco broccoli is a kind of broccoli/cauliflower relative originally from Italy.  These days it is also grown in Canada and the United States.

Here are a few resources of information about this vegetable in case it's new to you too!

Gardening info - For the do it yourself types! How to garden at "gardenknowhow" and shopping for seeds at Burpee and at Richter's Herbs

Where to buy info - Locally in my area, the website for OntarioFresh has great references to farms that sell this vegetable - little hint... search under Romanesco Cauliflower!

© 2015 Shawna Eberle