Spices 101 - for kids!

Talk about being inspired!  After a request by a Foodie Studio apronista to have something for the kids, the Spices 101 line for kids is on the way!

With a couple of apron sizes sourced for the little ones, we have an Italian and 2 Indian spice series available to kick things off.  After settling on some nice spice combinations from these countries (and a little research to learn their names in their respective languages) we are are loving where this is going.  What a great way to introduce kids (and quite frankly, adults too...) to flavors that connect them to their heritage or simply to broaden their horizons!

Our apronista client inspired us the most by commenting on how her son would love just knowing that other people "know of the spices that his family uses".  The opportunity to connect with others or experience other cultures through food can start at any age.  What are we waiting for?  We will have them on the website asap!