Preserving your herbs and a bit of summer heaven!

September is one of my favorite times of the year - it's the beginning of new year with back to school (Although I guarantee that my son doesn't agree) and the season for perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold!).  BUT it's also the grand finale of all the beautiful things that we've grown and time to preserve it for the winter months.

I love fresh herbs (Garden herb aprons) - I plant them instead of flowers.  I love the idea of growing an edible garden (For inspiration, check out Empress of Dirt and The Urban Farmer) and on my deck outside the kitchen, I grow as many herbs as possible in the summer.  Therefore, as the growing season wraps up, I want to hang on to those beautiful flavors and have started my mini-harvest.

And so it begins...

Of course the classic basil pesto (Pesto apron) was a must (now in ice cube trays in my freezer) but another fun way to preserve herbs is to lightly chop some thyme, oregano, tarragon and rosemary and put in ice cube trays, cover them with some high quality olive oil and keep them in the freezer.  Once solid, these blocks can be taken out of the trays and stored in a freezer bag.

A lovely butter sage will also make a great short cut to a butter sage pasta (Burro Salvia apron) on those quick dinner evenings!  Add fresh sage leaves to soft butter and blend.  Roll in waxpaper and freeze - slice it off as needed for your favorite dishes!

For other ideas for preserving your herbs, start with Food Empowerment Blog and Natural Living Ideas


Enjoy your harvest - whatever size it may be!